For Coca-Cola brand experiences has always been one of the key marketing elements– nothing compares to the moment of opening a bottle of Coca-Cola.

This summer Coca-Cola and Avantgarde teamed up to celebrate Coke moments at Switzerland’s most important hip hop festival “Open Air Frauenfeld” (and 24 further music festivals around Switzerland). We sat down with Bernhard Pompey, Managing Director at Avantgarde Switzerland, and had a little chat about Coca-Cola’s new experiential festival platform:

Hi Bernhard, how do you create Coca-Cola brand experiences at music festivals?

Most music festivals take place somewhere outside in summer. People come together to party, to enjoy good music and drinks. A refreshing Coke is just part of it.

Following the motto “Trigger Someone to open a Coke” we created a unique brand experience with Coca Cola by not only extending the moment of tasting but also by capturing it in an individual video clip to share on social media.

What exactly was the concept for the Coca-Cola experience?

Well, our task was to create an extraordinary experience platform which is highly scaleable and flexible to use for festival hopping – not only this summer but also for the upcoming years.

We created a fancy Coca Cola bar where festival visitors were invited to enjoy a refreshing Coke. Our architects built a spectacular set-up in industrial design.

Following the campaign motto “Taste The Feeling” we created an individual and memorable Coke moment by using a special video booth. Unlike common video booths we enabled festival visitors to take a 180°-selfie video clip in super slow motion while enjoying a Coke. The cherry on the cake: Users were able to share their coke moment instantly on their own social media platforms.

Mission accomplished?

Certainly yes: The kick-off at Open Air Frauenfeld in July became an outstanding success. Watch the video clips and see it for yourself: The party crowd loved it. So did our client Coca-Cola.
Photo Credit: Adrian Bretscher