For over 60 years the documenta, the world’s most important exhibition of contemporary art, has been challenging boundaries of contemporary art. As generally known, art is in the eye of the beholder – an exhibition like documenta feeds of interchanging personal experiences and discussions arising from these different experiences.

As contemporary art sometimes feels overwhelming we meet the visitors’ need for guidance and for thought exchange: Avantgarde is in charge of all official guided tours called “walks with the chorus“. The walks offer a platform for both individual touchpoints with contemporary art, exchanging experiences with other visitors and for reflection or critical questions. Our documenta team selected and trained over 150 members of the chorus to stage some 10,000 walks during the exhibition.

Moreover, together with the team of documenta Avantgarde is responsible for architecture, design and implementation of both documenta shops. These put the cherry on the cake of your documenta experience: In the shops themselves and its products the artists’ thoughts and ideas are manifested. In purchasing one of the products, a piece of documenta14 can be preserved and taken home. For those who cannot decide on-site, the documenta online shop offers some of the products.

The exhibition is held from June 10 until September 10, 2017 in Kassel, Germany. Over a total of 100 exhibition days, 950,000 expected visitors will be given the opportunity to become acquainted with 300 artists and their artworks at 60 public venues in the city.