Instead of entering a new market through advertising and PR the US-American men’s magazine Esquire came up with a tasty brand experience. Esquire is being published in roughly two dozen countries but so far not in India. Instead of launching the title through conventional channels the magazine decided to open up whiskey lounges throughout the country, starting with a location in central Delhi in 2018.

 First issued in 1933 Esquire surprisingly didn’t enter the Indian market until now. The Hearst Corporation – which the magazine publishes – recently announced to open up a whiskey lounge in cooperation with Franchise India Holdings Ltd. 14 more lounges are to follow across all India. The stylish venues are to bring together Indians who identify with the brand’s character.

 Global recognition, cool confidence, wit and style: the image and feeling of the brand are transferred to its potential clients through an alternative space. “The lounges will reflect that, offering guests a truly unique experience”, said vice president and global chief licensing director Steve Ross. We like the idea of this mouth-watering brand concept. Creating fans through taste: This overly satisfying brand experience demonstrates how to explore new markets in a smart and tasteful way.