Test drive events have always been a great brand experience. This year, Mercedes-Benz along with Avantgarde created an extraordinary concept based on the new Mercedes-Benz compact cars campaign “Grow up“: Inspired by stories of a new generation the “Grow up“ events literally bring the Millenials’ lifestyle alive.

The campaign redefines traditions of growing up. And so do the “Grow up“ events: In 18 German cities the events offer unique touch points between coolness and a bourgeois lifestyle, between easygoing and getting serious.

Several rooms represent different ways of the Millenials’ way of growing up. Influencers like popular bartenders, artists and DJs accompany visitors for a journey into specific lifestyles. To link the events to the general “Grow up“ campaign visitors as well as influencer share their personal experiences via social media using the hashtag #growuplikethis.

The “Grow up“ campaign focuses on cars for young adults. Besides test driving customers get immersed into a new Mercedes-Benz world and take part in redefining growing up.


Experience growing up with Mercedes-Benz yourself and visit the events:

Hockenheim 5. Mai – 7. Mai
Travemünde 19. Mai – 21. Mai
Regensburg 1. Juni – 3. Juni
Berlin 10. Juni – 11. Juni
Posthausen 22. Juni – 24. Juni
Mannheim 29. Juni – 1. Juli
Leipzig 7. Juli – 9. Juli
Aachen 14. Juli – 23. Juli
Nürnberg 28. Juli – 30. Juli
Freiburg 4. August – 6. August
Düsseldorf 11. August – 13. August
Bonn 18. August – 20. August
Hannover 24. August – 26. August
Mainz 22. September – 24. September

Photo credit: © Daimler AG, © Avantgarde