Facebook Fans aren’t Brand Fans

We found an interesting figure in a Marketing Week article called “3 Ways to Engage the New Brand Advocates.” It shows how mere social media followers aren’t necessarily avid advocates of your brand. It takes a lot more than shoving a “like” button in front of people’s faces to turn consumers into brand fans.

According to a recent study by Social@Ogilvy and SurveyMonkey 84% of social media users globally follow or like a brand or product, but only 19% of them actively recommend brands to others.

Here’s the nifty infographic:

WEB_230715_CoverStory_AAGThe Marketing Week article goes on to list “three ways to engage the new breed of brand advocates” (prioritise social promoters over followers, create a positive company culture and appeal to a lifestyle), which are a little generic, but list a few interesting examples and make for an interesting read.

Cover photo: Ksayer1/FlickrCC