American museums claim to loose visitors. Technology and the omnipresent entertainment industry are taking over people’s attention. At the same time latest technologies might offer new ways of attracting museum visitors. Rethinking the visitor experience becomes crucial, as Catherine Devine says, Chief Digital Officer at the American Museum of Natural History:

A lot of people’s expectations are framed in the rest of their lives, and then when they come to the musem, (…) they expect that experience to continue.

In 2010 the American Museum of Natural History already adapted people’s lifestyles and developed an app to enhance the way visitors experience the exhibition. Augmented reality offers additional possibilities for an immersive museum experience. One of AMNH’s idea for the future: An exhibtion shows a skeleton of a dinosaur. By scanning the skeleton, the app augments the skeleton to what the dinosaur acutally looked like. Catherine Devine explains:

People want to be able to curate their own content. People want to be engaged in the creation of it.

An integrated experience both digital and analog matches visitors’ expectations and the museum’s cultural claim. Augmented reality enables visitors to experience and learn by interacting with real artifacts.

Deep immersion and interaction shape visitors’ museum experience and create a positive lasting impact – and will no doubt bring in many new visitors.

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