In 2016 we won Cadillac Europe’s experiential budget for the next three years to come. We sat down with Daniel Sack, a member of the Avantgarde management board, and had a quick chat about his current project for Cadillac Europe.

Hi Daniel, first up, how do we create fans for Cadillac?

I’m happy to state that together with Cadillac Europe we’re creating impressive, American brand experiences in Munich. To stage the brand Cadillac we created a unique brand space called The Cadillac House, additionally we associate Cadillac with one of America’s most iconic artists: Andy Warhol. In collaboration with Cadillac we brought the acclaimed exhibition „Letters to Andy Warhol“ to Munich.

What is the idea all about?

With the Cadillac House and the exhibition we generate strong brand experiences to grow Cadillac’s position in the European automobile market. In this way we help position the premium car manufacturer between art and brand icons as part of the ‘Dare Greatly’ campaign. We want the brand Cadillac to expand into customers’ everyday lives.

At the Cadillac House visitors not get only immerse in the brand’s world, but also get the chance to visit the exhibition ‘Letters to Andy Warhol’. The exhibition shows Warhol’s relationship with art, fashion, music, celebrities and his affection for iconic American brands. Andy Warhol is one of America’s most popular artists of the 20th century: His Pop Art has inspired generations across the world. By tieing American pop culture with the Cadillac brand we create an extraordinary brand experience. We also reach out to a whole new generation of customers.

The exhibition is just the beginning: The subsequent exhibition, ‘STROKE – a Daring Preview’, picks up the daring mentality after about three weeks. STROKE is Germany’s most influential trade fair of up-and-coming contemporary art.

What does ‘Dare Greatly’ mean?

Dare Greatly encapsulates the brand’s passion for innovation and characteristic design. It’s the expression of Cadillac’s corporate culture. By creating an atmosphere of creativity, forward thinking and innovation the Cadillac House is a meeting point for characters who – just like Andy Warhol himself – have a daring personality and think in unconventional ways.

At the same time, the motto ‘Dare Greatly’ coult also stand for the collaboration between Avantgarde and Cadillac Europe. Together we work on extraordinary ways to create a unique and lasting brand experience.

The Cadillac House Munich opens from 14 July 2017 to 27 August 2017. Visitors can check out the ‘Letters to Andy Warhol’ exhibition from 14 July to 6 August 2017. From 11 August to 27 August 2017 Cadillac and STROKE will present selected artists under the motto of ‘STROKE – a Daring Preview’. For more information see