Here at Avantgarde, we are effortlessly inspired by the global experiential marketing movement. The advent of experiential marketing has produced refined and unique expressions of marketing. This past July from the 17th to the 23rd came as the re-emergence of Bombay Sapphire’s: The Grand Journey, located in London’s Banking Hall. Its cool melodic blues fused with the vintage charm of the Laverstroke Express train (location of Bombay Sapphire’s distillery): inviting the curious and adventurous alike to a multi-sensory experience. The result is an evocative journey into the stories, mythology, and origins of the luxury gin.

This year, Michelin star chef Tom Sellers was charged with crafting the 10 dishes, inspired by the 10 botanicals of Bombay Sapphire’s bejewelled gin.

Designed to transport the avid gin fan into the exotic ravines where its ingredients are sourced was the objective of the journey. The Bombay Sapphire event was primarily concerned with reaffirming Bombay’s artisanal craftsmanship. Tom Sellers explains, “My story is about creating narrative around that is creating discovery and I think this is what Bombay does really well.”

This invitation to discover the Bombay Sapphire concoction is achieved through the suffusion of the 10 botanicals in the dishes and the ambiance from the journey. This was personally selected by master mixologist Geoff Robinson. He travelled around the world in pursuit of the ingredients. It was reimagined through the train windows’ digital scenery. The voyager is transported from the forests of Dresden in Germany, where Angelica is sourced all the way to Ghana where the Malaguetta pepper is harvested. This sensory experience was enhanced by liquorice in the form of scents and smoke, diffusing through the carriage. The Laverstroke Express train’s interior aesthetic produced steam and train noises elevating the sensory experience to an emotional and tangible brand experience.

Bombay Sapphire’s endeavour into evoking a visceral experience of the historic origins of the gin is a pure expression of creating brand experiences. The result is the elevation of the brand into piercing emotional resonance, as evident by the collective enthusiasm the visitors shared on various social media channels.

Photo credit: Bombay Sapphire