2017 is the year of contemporary art for Avantgarde: Besides our project at documeta14 Avantgarde displays its broad competence in staging contemporary experiences at the EXPO 2017 in Astana. Avantgarde Munich  is responsible for the cultural highlights during the EXPO in Kazakhstan: In the role as prime contractor Avantgarde icontracted two international cultural institutions: From Paris the “Réunion des Museés nationaux – Grand Palais” for premiering the exhibition ARTISTS & ROBOTS and from Moscow Garage Museum of Contemporary Art that is organizing a volume of educational and contemporary events, for children and adults.

The Astana Contemporary Art Center is the first of its kind in Kazakhstan: The aim on a long term is to establish the Astana Contemporary Art Center as Kazakhstan’s first museum of contemporary art. The Astana Art Center is accompanied by an additional Area which is called the Create Energy Area, an impressive architectural design, hosting an interactive program on a daily base. Both pavilions are dazzling of energy and after the first 30 days of EXPO the visitors’ feedback speaks for itself.

We just got our hands on the first photos of the project, showcasing the innovative and interactive character of the exhibition and its cultural programme. Check them out!

For more information visit the website of the Astana Contemporary Art Center.


Photo credits:

ARTISTS & ROBOTS: Réunion des Mueés nationaux – Grand Palais
all others: Anne Moldenhauer and Andreas Keller for Avantgarde Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH