Following the motto “Architecture creates Quality of Life” the “Architektouren” took place for the 22nd time in Munich and greater Bavaria. Every year, in celebrating the National Day of Architecture, the Bavarian Chamber of Architects, every year, invites both professionals as well as interested individuals to visit outstanding examples of architecture and interior design in the state. We at Avantgarde are proud to have been selected as one of the tours in the 2017 edition of this popular summer event.

Avantgarde’s architectural team guided visitors through our office showcasing its secret gems such as our themed meeting rooms or the colourful entrance hall. The tours offered a unique opportunity to get in touch with architects, interior designers, building owners and tenants about their thoughts and ideas regarding the building. We appreciate the chance to highlight the great effort our architectural team put into creating a high quality workspace that supports creative and interdisciplinary work at the same time.